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After the success of Xiaomi and One plus it is the Chinese Smartphone oppo which is hitting the Indian market hard. Oppo officially entered the mobile phone market in the year of 2008. Oppo promotions were a huge success here in India, they manage to acquire the sponsorship for Indian cricket team to display their logos on the team’s kits from 2017 to 2022.


Oppo also convinced Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor to be their Brand Ambassadors which really helped them raise their standards here in India.

Apart from these marketing tactics, they also sponsored the Oppo digital signboard having their Logo on it for almost 30 thousand retail shops all over in Tamilnadu India. Which really clicked promoting Oppo brands even in internal parts of Tamilnadu. People came to know about Oppo through these promotions.



Oppo Concentrated more on Camera and Music, they understood the market well and concentrated more on what customer really needs. Another reason would be the competitive pricing, where they had all options but with low pricing compared to smartphone giants like Samsung.

In the year of 2015 Chinese makers oppo said to be sold 50 million smartphones at the growth rate of 67 percent, year over year. Source – Techcrunch.


Oppo Latest models R11 s is one of their premium phones up to date which is compared to iPhone X and Samsung s8. This shows the Oppo is planning to be better and better at all costs and they are planning something big.

Being a big success for Oppo here in India, its service requirements have also increased significantly. Oppo Service Center in Chennai can help you service your Oppo.

As per the scenario, Oppo might have a big round over the Indian markets, Due to its sleek design and Competitive pricing, this journey of Oppo is not going to stop for quite some time. The day is not so far to be the leading smartphone seller in India.

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